Country of Origin is a progressive knitwear brand founded in 2014 by Ben Taylor and Alice Liptrot. Occupying a small railway arch in South London, everything is done in-house, from garment design to bulk production.

With an emphasis on strong colour palettes and high-quality yarns, we supply the perfect array of knitwear for modern living.

From Harrogate to Tokyo, C.O.O is now stocked in over 90 stores worldwide. You can check out our stockist list here.

How it's Made:

Fully fashioned knitwear uses a very different method of production to that of a pair of jeans, shirt or jacket.

Rather than starting with a roll of pre-woven/knitted fabric, each sweater begins life as a cone of yarn, knitted to shape by increasing or decreasing stitch counts. 

5 panels are made for each garment: 1 front, 1 back, 2 sleeves and 1 neck. Our machinists then link these parts together, aligning stitch for stitch.

Finally, the garment is scoured to clean away naturally occurring oils and create the perfect softness. 

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