This is the first in a series from Subject and Articles, a collaborative platform from a team of designers, brands and friends, created to explore and meet new people who share a love for design, culture and a good old fashioned natter.

We spent an afternoon with Herbie Mensah to take a look at our new collection and the new recycled Ferm Living Desert chair from our friends at IYOUALL.

A former model and muse to Vivienne Westwood, Herbie’s career in fashion began in the 1980’s. From that first chance encounter with Vivienne Westwood in 1982, Herbie went on to model for Jean Paul Gaultier, Katharine Hamnett and many more. Travelling the globe developing a love for fashion and art, Herbie paved the way to start his own fashion outlet.

We spoke to Herbie about his unique blend of up-cycling, vintage and customised clothes that he makes and sells at his Portabello road market stall. Every Friday and Saturday since 1993, Herbie’s style and reworked vintage has attracted the attention of customers from around the world. Through deconstruction and reconstruction, reworking and recycling, Herbie’s one-off vintage pieces find charm and inspiration in otherwise forgotten clothing. 

As we found out more about Herbie’s modelling and market stall days and his approach to fashion we felt inspired by his ability to unearth innovative, fun ways of creating contemporary sustainable design.